The Andharban Trek in Maharashtra: An abundance of nature


The Sahyadri Range, which is home to numerous incredible hills, hiking trails, and historic forts, is a blessing to Maharashtra. For both experienced and brand-new hikers, the Sahyadri Mountains have some really fantastic options.

A Andharban trek in the the Sahyadris during the monsoon season will be the ideal way to spend the day with friends and family if you enjoy exploring the great outdoors and hiking in the rain. Everything is lovely because of the rain. With clean, fresh air, there is greenery everywhere.

The Western Ghats of the Deccan Plateau’s beautiful green hills and valleys are made even more charming by nature’s vibrant colors.

The words Andhra, which means dark, and ban, which means forest, are the origins of the name Andharban. With its majestic view of lush mountains and sparkling waterfalls, Andharban forest, which is located at an elevation of 2160 feet, will make your heart skip a beat.

Purchase your tickets today and take part in one of the Sahyadri’s most revitalising treks, the most stunning attraction linking Tamini Ghat and the renowned Konkan region. Experience the joy of exploring deep jungles with captivating views and hiking along the jungle’s nature trails while being surrounded by the sounds of rustling leaves, insects buzzing, birds 

the activity’s details

Shivaji Nagar, Bremen Chowk, and Wakad will be the collection and drop-off locations, and the pickup will begin at 5:30 AM from and return to Pune.

After arriving at the Andharban starting point, eat a hearty breakfast at the base village.

After the teacher gives you a briefing on the hike, get ready for a lovely walk.

The Kundalika Valley and the various mountain ranges of Tamhini Ghat will be visible to you in breathtaking detail.

You’ll take a short lunch break after a short downhill stretch of walking through the forests.

At 4:30 PM, arrive at the Bhira Dam, the trail’s terminus.

Prepare to leave with lovely memories and arrive in Pune after a lovely and memorable day with us.

Know Before You Trek to Andharban

To have a secure and enjoyable trekking experience, pay attention to the instructions provided by the trek leader or instructor.

On rail tracks, you must move quickly and without stopping.

Smoking, drinking, and other intoxicating substances are not permitted at any point during the trip. .

We discourage leaving trash at nearby sites or campsites because the trek passes through an environmentally friendly area.

If you’re unsure about your fitness for a trek, speak with your doctor.

Any of your possessions, including jewelry, valuables, and other items, are not the responsibility of management. Please take good care of yourself.

One can always choose to sit back and observe if they don’t feel like participating in the activities.

Travel Route

At a location named Independent Point next to Pimpri Dam, the walk begins from Pimpri Village. From there, you can hire a local guide to lead you along the walk. The journey ought to begin early in the day. The first ascent will be entirely shaded by tall trees and several water streams, and you’ll get to take in Bira Dam’s backwaters. The trail will lead you through the top of a wall that is next to Pimpri Dam and take you to a clearing where there are poppy fields in the distance.

Here, you may take in the breathtaking views of Kundalika Valley. After a few winding paths, you will gradually approach the darkness of the forest.

Average cost of accommodations

As an alternative, you can head back to Lonavala or Pune, where you can choose from a wide range of hotels with rates ranging from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000. In close proximity to Andharban, there are numerous forest lodges and resorts.


Regardless of where you are coming from—Pune, Lonavala, or Mumbai—eat a substantial breakfast.

If you’re travelling from the Pune side, you can make a stop in Mulshi before Pimpri and savour eating traditional Maharashtrian cuisine in one of the neighbourhood dhabas, particularly Dream Land or Basho’s restaurant.

On the highway as you leave Lonavala, you will see a lot of restaurants and dhabas.

Pimpri has lots of regional restaurants.

Mist, trees, and luscious greenery cover the entire area. The incredibly beautiful Sahyadri mountain range includes this thick forest. The forest’s dense cover of vegetation makes it challenging for sunlight to pass through. In addition to still water ponds, the area is home to picturesque waterfalls that capture the beauty of the whole area. Numerous plant and animal species can be found in the Andharban forest. The Kundalika Valley’s breathtaking view will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you.

Imagine crossing a waterfall in real life! Actually, that is something that is possible here. If you want to experience untouched nature and peace, this is the place to go.

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