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Amazing Transformation of 61 y/o Judy Murray after Non-Surgical Facelift

Recently, the procedure of non-surgical facelift became quite popular when Judy Murray, Scottish tennis coach and mother of tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray, underwent a 4,500 non-surgical facelift.

As per the 61-year-old tennis coach, her skin was severely damaged and wrinkled after playing tennis for years and watching her sons compete in different Summer competitions. Therefore, when her sons started calling her ‘turkey neck’, she took prompt action and went to see Dr Judy, an aesthetics expert.   

Now her look has been completely transformed thanks to the efforts of Dr Judy. The ex-tennis player secretly took three sessions with Dr Judy last year. During these appointments, she underwent micro-needling, radiofrequency treatment along with the latest Morpheous8 treatment that costs £1,500 per session.


Judy revealed that she has carried out cosmetic treatments as she’s a public figure and wants to look good when she’s attending public gatherings. Moreover, formerly Judy has been a contestant at Strictly Come Dancing.

However, after going through the procedure, Judy is super excited to show off her amazing results. She believes that after the treatment she looks at least a decade younger.

Reasons for Cosmetic Treatments

When inquired why she took the initiative. Judy revealed that when her sons Jamie and Andy started teasing her in a lovey-dovey way by calling her turtleneck. she realised she has to do something about her skin.

Therefore, she secretly started seeing Dr Judy without even telling her family. And one day when her sons asked her what she was doing because her skin is looking really nice, she said all her efforts paid off. And then she told him about the miraculous treatment of micro-needling. Even her daughter in law, Alejandra has got micro-needling herself.

But Judy’s results are on par with none. Only after going through 3 sessions, she already looks 10-years younger and her skin has become really smooth and soft. She further commented that after this treatment, even the lines on her face became soft and diminished.

Judy further added that the damage to her skin was because of all the time she has spent outdoors. She further said that after getting skin damage due to too much sun exposure. Deep down she knew she has to go for some treatment sooner or later. Therefore, she has been on the search for the right procedure. It was in January 2020, she met Dr Judy, Scotland’s leading aesthetic expert. and voila! Now the results are in front of you.

Judy told us that Dr Judy gave her the suggestion to consider getting micro-needling and radiofrequency as it is more suitable for her skin. Moreover, Judy has clearly told the Dr that she doesn’t want any cosmetic surgical procedure such as a facelift.

However, after just three sessions, Judy’s outstanding results caught the eye of everyone. So, according to her, she has been enjoying the positive attention ever since.

The Procedure

Judy even explained the complete procedure of the treatment and how painless and time-saving it is. She explains, how only after a single session, you start witnessing the positive results of the treatment within first few weeks. And with passing time, the results keep on getting better.

Before the start of the treatment, they apply a numbing cream to the face so you don’t feel any sensations during the 30-40 minutes session span. During the session, radiofrequency energy is injected into the skin using a series of microneedles. The microneedles and radiofrequency energy help in stimulating the underlying collagen layers.

As the needles quickly penetrate the skin and withdraw immediately, they create a condition of micro-trauma in the skin, which favours healing. Similarly, the radiofrequency uses heat for shrinking, tightening and wrapping up the skin after needling. This procedure is suitable for face, neck, body and skin for contouring them or firming them.

Judi Murray also said that Dr Judi has recommended her to use tropical skincare products on her face. She further adds that now she has 6 different things to do in the morning every day. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Judy is certainly enjoying the results of non-surgical facelift. However, there are numerous other non-invasive procedures such as HydraFacial that have gained popularity in recent years. 

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