The Advantages of Using Voicebots

The Advantages of Using Voicebots

Customer relationship management is an area that is undergoing great changes. Companies seek to best meet the expectations of their customers by using all the means at their disposal. Chatbot technology has been used in many customer services, and it is estimated that more than 80% of businesses should have implemented some form of conversation automation over the coming years. But a new tool is already in the process of replacing the chatbot and that is the voicebot. What are its advantages?

A Voicebot Can Automate Customer Service

Just like chatbots, voicebots are mainly used to answer users’ questions or help them find specific information on a website. If a customer is faced with a more complex problem that cannot be resolved by the bot, this latter will direct them to the appropriate service. A voicebot can also be used to welcome customers and, through a series of questions, direct them either to the information available online, or immediately to the appropriate service that can process their request. In this way, voicebots take care of secondary tasks and allow your employees to have more time available to devote themselves to more creative tasks or roles with greater added value.

A Voicebot Has a Permanent Availability

For a company that wants to respond as quickly as possible and at any time to customer requests, a voicebot is the ideal tool. On the one hand, it is available 24/7. The company that uses it is therefore constantly in touch with its customers. On the other hand, the processing capabilities of a voicebot are tremendous, and it is never saturated with work. No more endless waits on the phone, which often anger customers and leave them with a bad image of the company. With a voicebot, call handling is immediate.

Voicebot is Practical than Chatbot

The other advantage is that oral exchanges are much faster than written ones. Even a person accustomed to writing on a computer takes 3 times longer to type on a keyboard than to speak by voice. Furthermore, the oral conversations allow the user who wishes to do something else while talking with the voicebot. It also represents an opening towards audiences who cannot use written chatbots: elderly people who are not comfortable with a keyboard, people with disabilities or people who have difficulty reading or writing. In a nutshell, customers are more likely to favor companies which use voicebots instead of or in addition to chatbots.

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