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What comes to your mind when you think of ‘fine dining’? Maybe something like a big classy restaurant with a butler at your service the whole time with a bottle of wine in hand. You sit on a table by the window and cut a measured piece of your medium-rare steak dinner and sip wine as you gaze out of the window and complement the chef in the end while she brings you a special dessert which is on the house. Right?

Yeah, haven’t we all watched a little too much of rich CEO kind romantic movies, eh? But that is not the case every time. Fine dining can be experienced at any place that makes you feel comfortable and happy enough with the food that you. It could be that cute little pizza place around the corner, a mediocre restaurant, or a hot and happening place with a millennial kind of a theme. Choosing a restaurant is all about getting to the right kind of place where you can eat in peace and maybe vibe a bit with the atmosphere. But how would one do that?

Going with The Trendy

Aren’t trending places the best? With their hyperactive crowd, long waiting lists, and somewhat delayed services? We thought so too. While, more often than not, we enjoy trending places to a certain extent, it is not always the need of the hour though because what if someday you feel like eating something healthy instead of junk food (LOL).

There are several reviewing sites and recommendation platforms available to suggest some good places which are popular among most people. Reviewers make the recommendations as precise as possible by defining several categories. There are several categories defined for the reviews – not just based on ambience and service but, food, taste, type of meals, ingredients, etc. Although, they will not be catered as per your taste and preference since random people are very familiar with the fact that you would rather have a greasy slice of pizza in a common, peaceful place than sitting in a crowed top-class restaurant with late service just because it is ‘hip’.

Real Life Sophie’s Choice – Where to Eat?

Now, this is the time when Friendspire will come to your rescue. A platform where you can have genuine recommendations for restaurants and cafés for every single meal of the day by no other than your friends. Think about it, while experts are extremely good in figuring out the ratings for things like services and gourmet level of the food, are they familiar with the taste that you taste buds prefer specifically?

Not really. But your friends are pretty aware of that weird combo of cornflakes and orange juice that you like for lunch. Combining the recommendations from the top players of the field and the ones that know you the most, Friendspire brings you a customized selection of places that are perfect for your taste. Be it a place full of waiters, or a self-service restaurant, you are sure to have a satisfying meal every single time because you get to the right place when you get Friendspire-d.

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