Ac Repair Service in Houston, Tx.

Many things are made in China, including the coronavirus. The coronavirus has found its way to enter the United States. One of the hardest-hit states has been Houston, Tx. Luckily for Texas, it gets hot in Summer, & the coronavirus does not like heat & humidity. The fastest way for the virus to enter your home is through your shoes. It is a good idea to remove your shoes before you enter the house at all times. You can be infected with the virus for two weeks without having any symptoms. Once the virus enters your home, there is not much that you can do. It is essential to clean all surfaces at least twice a day, including mopping. While most people don’t mop their homes regularly, The virus begins to spread through the floor. If you have animals, your pets can easily transmit the disease when you pet them. Protecting your indoor air quality has never been as crucial as ever. There have been reported cases of virus transmission through the ventilation of air ducts. Providing your home with quality HEPA filters will help prevent the spread through air vents.

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