A Thorough Introduction and Tips of Country Dance for Beginners

Country dance is a set of social dances originated by ancient British which people used to perform on British folk music. This dance consists of specific steps, which people have to perform in a specific timeline of music, usually in one or more sets of couples. This dance involves different steps followed by progression so, that people can dance with each member of their group.

It is now easy to learn country dance in this era. Multiple dance studios are offering Country Dance Lessons. This dance is a hell fun as modern dancing. People love to learn this dance and still we see country dance performances at different dance events. It is not easy to learn this dance but its amazing benefits will urge you to do that.


Fitness Benefits of Country Dance:

·        Make Core Muscles Strong:

Country dance involves a lot of energetic movements on the dance floor. These dance moves are a fine way of strengthening core body muscles. Dance is a certain form of exercise but people don’t consider it an exercise because of its pleasure.

·        Cause Reduction in Blood Pressure:

This dance allows blood circulation in the body. Due to proper blood circulation chances of blood pressure reduce. In poor blood, circulation the heart feel difficulty in pumping blood which creates pressure on it. Country dance also gives a sense of pleasure due to which we feel relax which eliminate another reason for blood pressure which is stress.

·        Stamina Building:

The practice of country dance builds your stamina. Stamina is not only important for dance. You can perform better in sports due to improved stamina.

Stamina is the extent of the power which you have to bear physical exertion. Doesn’t matter how much hard work you have to put into your daily routine your stamina will not let you feel down.

·        Refrain You from Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is a disease of bones that makes them weak. Weak bones are more prone to fractures. Due to excessive stretching during dance your bones become strong. Maybe at that time, you don’t understand the importance of strong bones but at old age, you will realize that. A dance practise can make your life comfortable at old age.

·        Keep Your Brain Active:

Different dance moves, progression during a dance, and coordination with your partner keep the brain active. Active brains perform better in every walk of life.

·        Weight Management:

If you have ever observed dancers you rarely find healthy dancers. Excessive dance motions involve excessive use of muscles. Due to excessive use muscles grow and use extra calories as a source of energy. Due to which no calories convert into fats and your body doesn’t gain weight.

·        Styles of Country Dance:

You can learn multiple dance styles of country dance at Country Dance Lessons. Let’s discuss some styles of a country dance.

·        Line Dancing:

One of the very popular types of a country dance. In this type of dance different people perform fully choreographed steps in one time to one another, while standing in straight lines. The benefit of line dance is that you not only learn a type of country dance but also get an opportunity to meet with different people.

Dance is all about coordination. If you can coordinate with strangers in dance and can build a strong relationship with them you can do that in your personal life too.

·        Square Dancing:

It is one of the fast forms of a country dance. It has originated from an English folk style like Morris dancing. In this dance, you can see four couples performing the same complex steps in a square at the tune of banjo or fiddle music.

Tips for Country Dance Class:

Country dance involves a lot of difficult moves and proper coordination. It is difficult than the normal form of dancing. So, be patient while your dance class. You can’t be perfect in it initially. Everything needs time to master.

Concluding Arguments:

Country dance is very good for your health. Take it seriously while attending your classes especially at an initial period. Justdanze Houston is a dance studio offering country dance classes. This dance requires your efforts and concentration to make it easy for you to learn.

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