A Guide to Pump Enclosures

In modern times, there are many companies that have opened across the world. These companies can either be used to manufacture products or sell their services to people. As more factories opened, productivity also increased. This has benefited a lot of people. However, there is a downside of this process that cannot be unseen.

Every component that is installed in a device has to work continuously for proper functionality. The machines that utilize these components can produce heavy noise in the surrounding area. Due to which any bystander can become irritated. It creates an uncomfortable condition for the employees working in the organization. Furthermore, this can severely impact the reputation of the company.

This is why many places now use acoustic enclosures or soundproofing devices. These devices are utilized to subdue the sound produced by a machine. They are perfect for most of the machines that are installed in an infrastructure. Also, they come in different formats to provide the utmost performance. Some of these devices are fan enclosurespump enclosures, audiology booth systems, and compressor noise controllers.

With so many benefits, acoustic enclosures have become the primary choice in several industries. Additionally, these devices can be seen in household equipment. The upcoming paras describe various details about such soundproofing solutions that help in blocking the sound waves. Using this information, one can select the ideal system for their place.

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Industries have different machines that work continuously for many hours. With rigorous working conditions, the moving parts of any equipment start producing noise. Acoustic enclosures control this noise and help in the smooth functionality of a machine.

These soundproofing systems come in different shapes and designs. Most of them can subdue the sound to a particular decibel that is not harmful to human ears.


There are two unique layers that are found inside an acoustic enclosure. Starting from the inner layer, the sound is slowly absorbed and released into the surrounding area. This layer is made of a sponge kind of material like wool. Then comes the outer layer. Here, the excess sound is reflected back into the casing and the vibrations are also controlled. This part is manufactured by using galvanized steel.


  • Suitable for any workplace.
  • Less wear and tear of equipment.
  • Creates a productive workplace.
  • No fines were imposed for noise pollution.


Some common types of acoustic enclosures are given here:

Pump enclosures

Hydro pumps are utilized in several industries. Water has to travel through large pipes that can produce a lot of noise. Using an acoustic enclosure subdues the sound and also insulates the pump.

Compressor Noise Suppressors

The main purpose of an air compressor is to store pressurized air in a specific container. This air can consist of a single or multiple gaseous elements. During the compression procedure, the container produces a disturbing noise. This is where a noise suppressor is implemented to cut off the excess sound generated by air.

Fan enclosures

These are commonly used in most buildings. The enclosing material gives proper shielding to the fan and reduces the noise produced.

Generator Canopies 

A typical industrial generator has many moving parts. These parts contribute to the high-intensity noise produced by these machines. The acoustic canopies enclose the entire generator and block the vibrations and sound.

Purchasing a Product

When you are trying to purchase a product, then you might face several difficulties. The first part of this process is finding the right company that sells products like the pump, generator, and fan enclosures. After that, you have to check whether the quality of the system is up to the mark.

The process from buying to installing the enclosure in your place has become quite easier. With a single click of a button, you can visit a website and select your product there. After a thorough examination of the enclosure, you can either purchase it or talk with a customer support executive. Almost every company has started providing an online help center to answer all customer queries. Due to this, the customer doesn’t have to wander from one place to another in search of answers. The only thing to remember is that the product is of the right quality, size, and shape that can easily fit your equipment.

Having a Peace of Mind

Owning a company does require several things to work together. And, without a proper soundproofing solution, you can face severe loss in productivity. It is a crucial element of the overall process. Thus, acoustic enclosures have become a must to have soundproofing solution. It not only creates a nice ambiance but also improves the mental stability of the people. On top of that, the integrity of your device will last longer and you will be less troubled by the wear and tear of the equipment.

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