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A Euphoric Experience with Cannabis

In our society, recreational products have been used for many years. Whether it’s marijuana, tobacco, or any other form of an addictive substance, people have been using these products for various purposes. Some might use them for the euphoric effect, while others may get a proper prescription for their medical treatment.

There can be many reasons for taking these substances. But the only thing that remains constant is the elevated feeling people get after the intake of these products. This effect is present in all medicinal and non-medicinal forms of natural drugs. Due to such characteristics, these substances have attained wide popularity among people.

Marijuana and mushrooms are a few natural drugs that are taken for both medicinal and non-medicinal reasons. Apart from the euphoric effect, people can experience several other sensations in their bodies. Being sleepy, calm, happy, or having focus are some of the common symptoms that appear after taking these substances.

Nowadays, there are a variety of strains available. The bestselling type of indicia cannabis is the Mars OG strain. This product has an earthy aroma with a long-lasting flavor. Furthermore, the effects of such OG strains depend upon the physiology of each person. In addition to that, Blue Meanie Mushroom strain is also loved by a unique amount of people.

In this article, we have provided all the details about the Mars OG strain and Blue Meanie Mushroom strain in detail. Having such knowledge can help you to purchase the right product.


OG strain is considered to be the best quality of cannabis. These have OG in their name that is related to several terms like Oceanic Grown, Original, and even Original Gangsta. The other part of the name is given when the strain is a cross-product of two types of indica. Mars OG strain includes Mars indica and OG.

If we talk about the Blue Meanie Mushroom strain, then we are acknowledging two types of mushrooms. One is from the Psilocybe Cubensis strain, and the other one comes from the Panaeolus Cyanescens strain. The latter one is mostly observed as the true form of Blue Meanie.

Both cannabis and mushrooms are recreational and medicinal drugs that should be used in their true forms. There is no need of mixing any other substance with them. People should enjoy these substances in their purest forms.

How does it work?

The basic working of any drug remains the same. The substance goes into our bodies and travel to various parts via the bloodstream. Then, a chemical reaction happens inside the blood that affects our nervous system. Once the nervous system is controlled, the person experiences various effects.

Cannabis is absorbed in our bodies with the help of the lungs. The wrapped-up Mars OG strain is burnt from one end, while a person inhales the smoke from the other end. The chemicals reach the lungs and then get absorbed.

On the other hand, mushrooms can be eaten raw or slightly roasted. Some people also mix mushrooms with some other ingredients to suppress the taste. In this way, you can take benefit of the Blue Meanie Mushroom strain without dealing with its actual smell or flavor.

Various Effects

Mars OG strain

  • Have a relaxing effect on the body.
  • People have also reported sleepiness associated with this cannabis.
  • It can also create a fresh and happy mood.
  • It may help with some health conditions like insomnia, stress, and body pain.

Blue Meanie Mushroom strain 

  • It’s a highly potent strain that can affect visual stimuli.
  • Some people have become more energetic after using this mushroom.
  • A single edible dose can last up to five hours.
  • Feeling of euphoria and being physically active are observed after complete digestion.


Due to a ban imposed by the government in some parts of the world, cannabis and mushrooms are mostly taken with a medical prescription. If a doctor has detected any kind of nervous system disorder, then the patient is prescribed such drugs. The exact dosage is given according to the severity of the problem.

It is also noted that the patients can create a general addiction towards these substances. That is why a certain amount of these products is given for a limited period. Additionally, some regions offer a legal method of buying and selling such drugs. Being legal products attracts a lot of customers that want to consume mushrooms and cannabis for recreational purposes.

Where to Purchase From?

Ordering a Mars OG strain or Blue Meanie Mushroom strain has become effortless with the introduction of e-shopping. One can simply visit the website and select their favorite strain. After that, enter your delivery address and the parcel should reach within a few days. Do remember to check the regional guidelines and follow the legal way of purchasing any recreational drug.

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