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A Complete Guide On Systematic Hair Transplant Procedures in Kolkata

Losing out on hair can be a very stressful process for any of us, and it is time that we move past the age-old tactics and start using technology. One such advancement that we can talk about in this case is none other than a professional hair transplant process, and it is the ultimate savior indeed. There is a lot of misconception among people that hair transplantation as a process is unsafe or has many implications. 

When we talk about hair transplantation, we know that doubts are one of the major reasons people do not go forth with the same. To make sure that you do not feel the same and can take it up, we are here to guide you. Not only that, we know that searching for options and settling on one choice can be difficult, particularly if we do not have enough idea about the facets.

At Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions, we will aid you with a proficient choice when it comes to the process of hair transplant in Kolkata. Our technicians have the most extensive training in the field, and we operate in accordance with the medical protocols and approved Medical Standards. We understand that hygiene is an essential component of cosmetic procedures, and we promise our clients a comfortable, hygienic environment. But before you make the decision, it is imperative to have a good idea of what you should expect and how it can be a great decision for yourself!

Understanding The Meaning Of The Term Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplantation refers to a scientific process, and unlike what many people think, it requires one to have good knowledge in the field to excel in the same. In simple terms, we can define hair transplant as a surgical method that, in turn, can ensure that hair follicles from your healthy growing areas are grafted to the hair-thinning areas. 

Here the part providing the hair follicles is often referred to as the “donor site,” and the area where it is being affixed is referred to as none other than the “recipient site.” 

The concept of hair transplantation started somewhat around the year 1950, and since then, there have been a lot of technological advancements. It is our utmost suggestion that for anyone who wants to get started with the process, it is very important to make sure that you get in touch with professionals and first take their opinion before you even get started. Why so? Many people fail to assess the weightage of the situation and end up taking unfavorable decisions which might not be that promising for the future. 

Not only transplantation, but the term is very often referred to as hair restoration, where you will be able to notice visible changes after the process is completed. Also, it is equally important to remember that when it comes to hair transplantation, the chances of getting an infection can be high if you do not have enough resources. 

You can contact us, Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions, to ensure that we get you the most professional hair services under one roof. When we started the journey, we did not have access to such innovations; however, our service has become much more professional and client-centric today. You would need to get in touch with us in advance, and eventually, we will chalk out an appointment for you and discuss the hair transplant process in detail. 

Is Pain-Free Hair Transplant Procedures Possible At All?

It is common to think that when it comes to a surgical process, there are no doubts that it will cause you pain.  However, this is not the case at all, and this is what we have been working relentlessly for at Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions. 

To make the process pain-free, we have introduced the concept of DentaPen, which is one of the most promising things you can look forward to. What makes it pain-free? Such is the interface we have enabled with a very promising microprocessor, which, in turn, can effectively control the low speed of the local anesthetic. The DentaPen is one of our most coveted discoveries, and it has helped us ensure that we can help our patients with a much more comprehensive approach. 

Not only that, it thankfully does not end here! To ensure that the hair transplantation process does not cause you many problems, we have tried to keep the recovery process much smoother and pain-free. Because we have not involved any kind of stitches or even staples in the process, automatically, you can expect that there are no chances of contracting an infection as well. Our expert team has mastered the advanced FUE technology effectively, and you can rest assured. 

Are the Hair Transplant Procedures Costly?

And finally, when it comes to hair transplants, a lot of people tend to wonder about the hair transplant cost in Kolkata. You will be amazed to know that it can be quite pocket friendly and because it does not involve a lot of speculation, you will easily be able to get a good deal for the same. At Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions ensure that we can come up with the most comprehensive price packages that suit our clients. Not only that, if you compare the price points that we have got forward, you will understand that this is probably the best deal you can get in Kolkata currently.

At the same time, this does not hint that we have brought down the quality. We have ensured that only the best reaches our clients. We understand that for some people it might not be very clear to understand. What the cost linings are and hence you can book an appointment with us for further details on the same. Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions is one of the most coveted choices for hair transplantation in Kolkata. We have tried to upkeep the best prices and services. 


Hair transplantation is one of the most advanced techniques for getting rid of hair thinning; hence, if you are careful and choose the right option, it can indeed help you. We understand that there will be a lot of contemplation, so we are here to solve that for you! 

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