A Beginner’s Guide for an Adventurous Hunting Experience!

Hunting is a joyful game when followed ethically. It is an old practice performed for survival and food. Now it has become a leisure and relaxing activity. Hunting is all fun when you have the perfect hunting gear. Hunting can improve your physical fitness and stamina. It engages your body completely while you walk a long way carrying pieces of your hunting equipment. It also improves your mental strength. Hunting needs a lot of concentration and focus. Regular hunting practices can have a positive impact on your intellectual skills like focus, decision making and multitasking. It is a great sport to support stress relief and well-being. Hunting boosts your adrenaline levels that are responsible for excitement and exhilaration. 

Hunting is an ever-growing sector. In 2019, the hunting sector had contributed 2.4 billion dollars to the Australian economy. There is a list of species for hunting legally in Australia. These include Aussie feral pig, chital, Hog deer, Sambar deer, fallow deer, red deer, duck, goose and Rusa. Expert hunters advise that new bee hunters go through the rules and legal list of species of the Australian Government. One should remember that trying to hunt animals on private property is illegal. Hunters should also carry the essential hunting gear before heading out to hunt. 

Hunting Gear for Novice Hunters

  • Apparel

Choosing a comfortable and durable hunting cloth is essential for a peaceful hunting period. If you love bowhunting, then select clothes that are extra sized so that you feel free to stretch your hands. Go for a trial before buying them. Consider the climate of the area before selecting your apparel. If you are going to hunt in the cold season, then layer up your dressing with a camouflage or orange jacket. If you hunt in the summer season, then wear light and breathable clothes to avoid sweating. Remember to take other accessories like a hat, gloves, face mask and scarves. 

  • Footwear

Like clothing, footwear is also significant to make yourself comfortable while hunting. Choose footwear that is sturdy and suits all climates. Rugged boots can help you hold your feet and ankles firm while walking on steep descents. Visit your regular store to find footwear that matches you. If you hunt during the warm season, wear breathable shoes. People prefer calf-high rubber boots if they hunt on wetlands or during the rainy season. Insulated boots can protect you from extreme cold conditions. 

Also, wear hunting socks for more comfort and warmth.

  • Backpack

A backpack is going to be your best buddy during hunting. They have to be light in weight, durable and comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be carrying the backpack a long way during hunting, so it has to be light in weight. Choose the best size and model that has got the best reviews and ratings. 

  • Binoculars

Binoculars are going to be your second pair of eyes. It helps you locate your prey and look for dangers long ahead on your way. Researching various sizes and models of the binocular will help you find the perfect one. Make sure you select the right one with high quality. 

  • GPS Tracker

Getting lost in the deep dark woods can be the worst nightmare ever. GPS tracker helps you navigate your way for the entire period of hunting. One can even save the way they came through so you can head back home the same way. Guide yourself with maps and compasses can go well only when you are a pro using them. 

  • Other Accessories

Other significant accessories like food and water are prime things to check. Do not take foods that digest very soon and make you hungry again. Foods like protein bars, nuts and dry fruits, glucose coated snacks can hike up your energy real quick. Take enough water to stay hydrated so that you do not feel weak. More hunting equipment like rifles, knives, ladders, scent killers, toiletries, etc., is also the prime gear to add to your list.

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