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8 tricks to keep your hair clean for longer

If we want to have beautiful, flowing and clean hair every day, we often fall into the trap of daily washing, which is not good for scalp or hair health, and it really costs us too much time. Who to listen to than professionals when they talk about having healthy hair, a beautiful hairstyle with the least effort?

The more often you wash your hair, the faster it gets greasy. Kim Kardashian, for example, has come up with a routine that allows her to wash it only every fifth day: the first day she wears her hair soaked, the second day straightened and playful, the third day straightened with iron, the fourth is expensive in a high laced tail, and five is the day is washed again.

However, hairdressers have other tricks on how to keep your hair clean for longer and keep the volume in order for the hairstyle to be good, and you avoid too often washing and (even better) styling your hair.

Wash your hair like a pro

The water temperature should be comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold. Soak the hair well before shampooing.

Extrude shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub the palms of your palms and apply circular motions to your hair from top to bottom.

Rinse thoroughly – hairdressers say hair should be rinsed for up to 5 minutes. Shampoo residues can fade in color and even cause dandruff. They also recommend to rinse it with cold water at the end – this will prevent hair from drying out and will have more shine as i am hair products.

Washing schedule

If you have been washing your hair every day so far, this habit should be changed, but gradually. Over time, sebum production on the scalp will decrease, but it will take time for the skin to regain balance after daily washing.

Otherwise herbal tinctures are good at fighting oily scalp. For example, sage can brilliantly control sebum production. Pour 4 tablespoons of dried sage with a liter of boiling water. When cool, rinse your hair, then rinse with cold water.

Plan a hairstyle

Planning a hairstyle for each day is one of the reasons why it is easier for us to wash our hair every day so it looks good on its own. Maybe some Kardashian trick from the beginning?

Use dry shampoo before exercise

After exercise, it doesn’t make sense: the hair is already so greasy and wet that it won’t help. If you use shampoo before exercise, it will absorb all the sweat.

Change the pillow

We will be comfortable, and it is very useful for your hair if you always sleep on a clean pillow. As time passes, pieces of epidermis, makeup residues, and grease from the skin collect on the pillow – ideal for bacterial development.

If you mean skin and hair health, your pillow should be changed at least every 7 days, and if you have extremely oily hair twice a week.

Hair Lemonade

“Lemonade” for hair helps with excessive greasing, keeps hair fresh and voluminous, and creates a natural shine. Squeeze one lemon into 1 liter of water to rinse your hair. Pour the lemonade slowly over your head, massaging your scalp with your hand. Also check out how to make your own natural cosmetics from black cofee sludge.

Pick up your hair whenever you can

Raised Hair – Longer Clean Hair. When you make a high ponytail or tuft at home and break it before you go out – this hair trick will also give you extra volume.

Take care of scalp skin

All “heavy” hair care products, masks, balms, hair conditioners are generally made to be used on the tips of hair. An exception is the scalp mask used with deep peeling aunt jackie products . Hydrated scalp will not produce additional sebum.

Irena Pavlović

Irena is a dentist, working extensively in her field as well as in the fields of fitness, nutrition and medicine. She has been educated about healthy lifestyles for years, helping others learn as much as possible. She seeks to help people adopt healthy habits as well as healthy and positive thinking about life. In her spare time, she hikes, runs, plays saxophone and guitar, and develops her own health page ( Her life motto is: When they expect a lot from you, you do even more.

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