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8 Early Warning Signs of Glaucoma You Shouldn’t Ignore

Eye problems are challenging to deal with, especially for the old age people. As their body is already not giving much support to them, losing eyesight can significantly increase their problems. One of the most critical eye problems is glaucoma. In this, the optical nerve of the eye is damaged due to high pressure, and it affects the person’s ability to see.

Eye doctors suggest that people should notice any signs of glaucoma and report to the doctor as soon as possible. Because once the condition gets worse, even doctors are not able to reverse the damage. Once it is detected, glaucoma treatment in India can be done by an expert eye doctor.

Here are some early signs of glaucoma that people can notice.

Pain In The Eye

People often ignore eye pain, as they do not consider it too severe of a condition. The pain does not have to be sharp in glaucoma but is generally accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the eye. Even if people notice a sudden chronic pain, they should get it checked. These symptoms can be in one or both the eyes.

Redness In The Eye

Redness in the eyes is a general symptom of any infection or problem in the eye. But if it is chronic and continues for days, that is when people should take it seriously and get it checked. Again, this can be in one or both the eyes.

Loss Of Vision

The weakening of eyes can be counted as a symptom of glaucoma. Along with that, if people notice blind spots in their vision’s field, they should instantly visit a doctor. Another noticeable symptom can be peripheral vision reduction.

Visible Halos

Many people don’t even know what halos are. They are the bright rings that get formed around a light source. People might fail to notice them in the daytime, so they have to see in dark/nighttime if they see any halos around the street or car lights.

Visible Rainbows

This symptom is just like halos. The only difference is that instead of bright rings, rainbows are formed around the light source.

Formation Of Clouds

People can notice this symptom right away. All they have to do is to look in the mirror and check any whites forming in the eyes. If they notice any such thing, they should report to the doctor immediately.


Symptoms might be visible in other parts of the body as well. Like the glaucoma patient can experience a sudden severe headache, but this explicitly is not a symptom. If other eye symptoms accompany it, then patients should get it checked.


Just like headaches, people might also experience nausea and vomiting, along with other eye symptoms.


If anyone notices any of the symptoms mentioned above, then they should consult an eye doctor immediately, as early treatment can get them better results. If glaucoma is found, then the doctor can recommend the person medication, laser treatment, or glaucoma surgery, based on the condition of the disease.

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