7 Singapore Butcheries that offer Halal Meat:

We are aware that some of you may be thinking, “Can I get halal meat online in Singapore?”

The answer is indeed yes! We’ve compiled 6 halal meat delivery options in Singapore so you won’t need to leave the house to get food.

1. ZAC Butchery

ZAC Butchery, a well-known brand in Singapore, offers a variety of fresh quality meat and cold meats, hams, and sausages. High-quality meats are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and South America, and their hams, cold cuts, and sausages are produced according to German standards.

The fantastic thing is that you won’t have to visit their retail establishments or supermarkets to purchase their goods. Through Redmart, Suzy Ameer, and Toko Warisan, you can order them for delivery. Redmart offers a variety of meats that Suzy Ameer and Toko Warisan don’t, such as ribeye shabu-shabu, chicken kebabs, lamb chops, and even wagyu, in addition to their ready-made meals, cold cuts, and sausages.

2. SBY Meat

Since its founding in 1947, Singapore’s SBY Meat has provided meat to numerous businesses, hotels, and caterers. Now, however, you can also have meat delivered to your house.

You may purchase superior meats from SBY Meat whether you’re buying it for regular cooking or commemorating a particular occasion. Additionally, you can get these seasoned meats even without satay sticks because they also make their own sriracha (under the name Opah Satay).

3. Adam Halal

Adam Halal takes pride in offering a wide variety of lamb, beef, and chicken and in bringing the tastiest meats to your door. The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina are among the countries that supply them with meat. They provide rapid same-day delivery, which is fantastic. You’ll be able to make that fulfilling supper at home with everything from grass-fed rib-eye and striploin steaks to lamb shanks, steaks, and cutlets. They also sell chicken items in other locations.

4. The Meatery

Due to their passion for premium halal prime meats, a husband and wife duo founded The Meatery, a Muslim-owned gourmet butchery. Their use of sole meat from farms that employ ethical farming practices sets them distinct.

Looking for grass-fed, grain-fed, or free-range beef? or choose between Angus and Wagyu? You may be sure that every meat option has been carefully chosen from the top farms in the USA, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are unsure about which meats to choose, we suggest reading “The Butcher’s Recommendation” so you can better decide what to try! They also provide disposable grill sets and yakiniku/shabu-shabu alternatives.

5. CS Foods

A variety of halal meat and seafood selections are available from the US, Australia, and New Zealand at CS Foods. Check out their selection of steak cuts, short ribs, or Wagyu shabu-shabu if you’re cooking up a memorable feast at home. They also provide a wide variety of seafood, including scallops, salmon fillets, and tiger prawns. If you prefer quick dinners, you’d be really interested in trying their finger food and ready-to-eat options.

6. The Meat Up

For meat aficionados, The Meat Up is the ideal store. The exquisite chilled halal dry-aged beef that they cook in-store utilizing a walk-in chiller is their specialty. Additionally, they do this to guarantee the quality and freshness of their meat, which includes Wagyu, Black Angus, and Australian cattle. Additionally, a variety of roasts, marinated meats, and house-made sausages cooked with imported Italian herbs and spices are available at The Meat Up.

7. Halal Meat King: 

Since the 1980s, The Halal Meat King has been providing services and is family-owned and customer-oriented. For your convenience, they provide precisely cut, freshly packed fresh, frozen, and chilled types.  They exclusively purchase the juiciest meats since quality assurance is important to them, so no worries about quality here. They uphold the strictest standards for food safety, and their suppliers are halal-certified. They also deliver right to your doorstep so convenience is also a priority for them!

We hope that these 7 halal meat businesses can simplify your life if you’re wanting to stock up on your meat supplies. Stay at home and be careful!

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