7 Erroneous Beliefs About Money

What we think and know about money, besides the fact that they are constantly in short supply! What our opinions about them can cause a permanent lack of normal income?

There are so-called erroneous beliefs about money, which, on a subconscious level, greatly affect our well-being. Where do they come from these settings? And they come from our childhood. It’s no secret that we all come from the USSR, and then the topic of money and earnings was, well, let’s say, not very popular. There was a so-called egalitarian system; an ordinary average citizen had no right to stand out from the crowd. From there, these erroneous beliefs originate.

I now clearly remember that my mother constantly inspired me: “To earn money, you need to work hard and hard.” Perhaps there is some truth in this, but besides the word “hard” the word “wisely” should be present. What I did was open an email marketing agency and it kind of paid off due to the hard work I put into it.

7 mistaken beliefs about money:

1. Big money gets us only hard work

A person who has this erroneous belief firmly stuck in his head will always, on a subconscious level, look for hard and well-paid (in his opinion) work. You don’t need to go far for an example – these are miners (I do not want to offend them at all since this is a very necessary and responsible job), but why in reality you rarely see a wealthy miner?

In order to really make big money, you need to include your mind and other personal qualities in this process.

2.  Money spoils a person

Look at my neighbor, he got rich and became so greedy, I won’t do that! This is fundamentally not true, because all wealthy people, and I’m talking about really rich people, are smart and educated people. And anger and greed in them is much less than in the poor and alcoholics.

3. Money in life is not the main thing

The main thing is health, family, children. And then it begins: The child needs to buy a new phone, and then the heart began to grab, but there is no money to rest. Familiar !? Everything in our life should be harmonious: Both family and children, and health, and all this requires money, so you should not separate the financial well-being of your family from other things. Everything is important in this life!

4. Honest labor does not earn money!

Well, this is generally a super hit of the nineties of the last century. He could be born only in the countries of the former USSR after our “esteemed” politicians acquired mansions, cars, restaurants, and so on in a matter of months. A simple layman interrupted from bread to water.

Now the situation has changed a little, and a person can make big money quite calmly. Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate this bad belief from the head.

5. If you have money, then you need to postpone it for a rainy day.

The person who really thinks so will never be rich. He will always have “dark days.” You need to invest money and do it wisely. Only then will they bring joy to the owner, contribute to prosperity.

6. A beggar was born, a beggar and I will die – you can’t argue against fate!

A great way to shift responsibility for your life to external circumstances. So those people who do not want to do anything argue. In fact, as practice shows, most billionaires come from poor families.

7. It is a shame to be rich!

It is a shame to be poor, and to be rich is very good. What is wrong when your children can receive the best education, nutrition, and medical care in the world? All wealth is in our heads, so we need to change our thinking and achieve financial freedom.

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