Covid-19 Impact: 6 Times A Personal Loan Can Help You In Emergencies

Personal loans fulfil their purpose, ideally in times of emergencies. When it is an emergency, you can hardly wait for a loan to get sanctioned, and so, you gather all documents and submit them to the bank as soon as you can. After that you regularly visit to the lending institutions for know the approval of it and when you get the loan. It is quite bothering and takes too much time and also disturb your daily routine.

Hence at that time online loan apps can turn out to be great saviours by providing quick personal loans in times of need. You can apply for the loan as you wish with only few clicks and also check the status of the loan immediately on your phone. Look here is a list of some emergency situations we can opt for the personal loan.

Emergency Situations you can opt for the Personal Loan Online:

  • Medical emergencies – God forbid anyone falls sick during these times. Hospitals have become dangerous places to be with the risk of infection always greater after a visit to the hospital. Moreso, hospital expenses have climbed to unforeseeable heights. There is a shortage of hospital supplies; doctors are doing more shifts, which can rack up your medical bills. Therefore, a personal loan in these times is the best option to avail when you are falling short of funds.
  • Wedding expenses – Weddings are a costly affair in India. A decent wedding costs around 10 lakh. With the hype of a fat Indian wedding, there are a lot of fads coming up that add to the cost. Extravagant sangeet ceremonies, getting a wedding video made, standard five-star food – all this can add to your wedding bills. Nobody wants to circle a bank while celebrations are going at the house. Online loan apps can provide immediate and quick financial assistance when you are looking for it.
  • Higher Education expenses – While education loans are a popular choice for students planning to study abroad, some students are able to manage but may require a bit of help. So, for instances where you find yourself in the middle, falling short of a small amount, a personal loan is a good idea.Even for students pursuing education in India, fees charged by private institutions maybe a bit too much on your pocket. For those times, a personal loan for an amount required can save you, and you can pay back as soon as you find yourself in a better financial position.
  • Home repair and renovation – While nobody undertakes the project of home repair during an emergency, there might be exceptions.

So, you might have to repair your roof in times of monsoons because it is leaking, or your ceiling when it is broken, otherwise a lot of dirt, dust and animals might be coming in.

Getting a ceiling fixed, making repairs of the roof can be quite heavy on the pocket, even though they might not take too much time. So, personal loans can be availed for quick finances and ensuring that you meet your expenses and get things fixed when you need to.


Finding a lender who provides you an option for quick loan apps so that applying for a loan might not be too difficult; almost all banks and NBFCs provide borrowing through personal loans. However, you need to be careful as a borrower to pick a lender that is reliable and trustworthy.  Understandable that you would need funds on an urgent basis, but checking the costs and charges over and above the loan amount is necessary. Similarly, check for interest rate and the time given to repay the amount. In case the lender charges extra for paying the amount early, you can always explore other NBFCs or loan apps.

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