6 of the best sex positions for gay males who are looking to take their sex to the next level

6 of the best sex positions for gay males who are looking to take their sex to the next level

For queer people, finding out if you want to top or bottom or switch (also called “verses”) could be the first step towards having a pleasure and a satisfying sexual life.

At times, you may feel pressure to find creative ways to spice up your sex life if you are an expert or someone who is more involved in sexual activities.

These positions are meant for homosexual tops.

1. Missionary

Missionary is a means to engage with your companion, give them an attempt to make them smile, and possibly even have a bite while doing it.

You place your partner on their backs, and then you push on top of them. This allows for full penetration. This will make it much easier for you to discuss what feels good during your sex.

2. Doggie style

Doggie-style is a great method to impress your partner. Similar to the title suggests the partner is on all fours as you slash them behind.

To add more excitement it is also possible to reach around and give them a hand massage in the same moment.

3. Spooning

Spooning can be a intimate position that lets you and your partner snuggle as you go through them. As you go through their backsides it is possible to turn your partner’s back as a dog.

Usually, both partners lie on their backs during sex, like non-sexual spooning.

4. Cowboy and reverse cowboy

Rider positions permit you to ride at a higher level and your rider has greater control. You could have your partner ride on your back as you lower yourself to your level.

Cowboy allows you to make eye contact during sex when you are riding in reverse.

5. Fisting

Sometimes you can use your hands in sexual activity can be a wonderful opportunity to stimulate your partner’s G-spot or P-spot without the need for a penis or strap-on.

 Use all your hands to penetrate your partnerStart slowly and then use plenty of lubricant.

6. Rusty trombone

Sometimes, topping doesn’t need to require any penetration at all.

To play the rusty trombone gay positions  the person you are with knees on all fours as you do analingus, and then offer them a hand.|Both of you perform analingus while doing a hand job.} This sex position gives an overall sensation that can feel amazing for your partner.

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