6 Benefits of Gaming Backed by Science

Mobile and PC gaming has become a huge source of entertainment for people of all ages. These games are competitive, fun, and immersive. However, some people seem to believe that gaming is destroying our health and should be discouraged among young people. It may come to you as a shock but that is not entirely true.

Gaming in itself is not bad, because games have been played for as long as human beings have existed on this planet Earth. Gaming becomes bad if you let it become an addiction and play games at the expense of your other important tasks.

Following are some of the scientifically proven benefits of gaming that we all should know to destroy the false perception that gaming is intrinsically bad.

  • Games Enhance Cognitive Capacity

Gaming involves players coming up with effective strategies to complete their tasks. Players get a chance to think out of the box and use all their mental abilities to get out of a tough spot.

This gives you a much-needed mental workout and you actually become better at logical reasoning and problem-solving. This way gaming helps you develop your cognitive prowess.

  • Develops Brains Grey Matter

Grey matter in our brains is responsible for our better seeing, hearing, decisions making, memory, and speech, etc. Out of the many ways you can develop and increased this matter in your brain, gaming stands out.

Games like path of exile trade urge you to use your mind and body in a way that is consistent and improves both your physical as well as mental dexterity.  

Thus, you can say that gaming can actually have various positive effects on your physical and mental health if you play moderately and with regular intervals.

  • Better At Social Interactions

Various studies involving kids of all ages have shown that kids who regularly played games were actually good at making conversation and befriending anyone they found interesting.

This is because of the social aspect of various video games where players can communicate with random people online during the game to meet a mutual objective.

This way gaming allows kids to learn how to communicate better with their peers and makes them more confident. Moreover, this also helps to make their performance better at school.

  • A Great Stress Reliever

Games help you channel your stress in a healthy way and many studies have indicated that people who play games are less likely to develop stress-related diseases like blood pressure and heart problems, anxiety, and headaches, etc.

Games take your mind off the troubles of the moment and you instantly feel less stressed. Many PTSD patients were given games to play and they actually showed improvement and their symptoms literally got better due to this simple addition to their everyday schedule.

  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games require you to use your eyes and hands in a consistent way. It develops both these muscles and develops your reaction time. Better hand-eye coordination helps you to do normal activities better than others who have no experience playing video games.

This way gaming makes you quick on your feet and increases your overall alertness.

  •   Games Aid learning

Extensive research was conducted involving dyslexic kids back in 2013 and the results indicated that games literally helped them learn at a faster pace.

Since games like Poe lab require you to quickly figure out where to go and what to do, it helps the kids gain confidence in their choices and their ability to learn things quickly.

This rigorous mental exercise affects their performance in every area of their lives may it be at school or in the community in general.

Final Words

So, these are a few of the benefits of gaming that are fully supported by science and that show clearly how much important video games are for both the mental and physical development of our kids.

Games make you a more consistent, determined, and rational human being. They enhance your problem-solving and reasoning skills while giving you an opportunity to relax and have fun.

This information clearly shows that we need to encourage video games for our younger kids so that they are able to become a more active and valuable part of our society. 

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