5+ Tips to Improve Sex Life to A+

Many are wondering how to improve sex life (not for all people, only for them). Often these are married couples for whom sex has become boring and routine, and they would prefer to get enough sleep before the workday, rather than try new positions from the Kamasutra. Or they are single men and women who are tired of watching monotonous porn. If so, you can open Chatwelove by clicking here and try virtual sex. This is an interesting experience that you can later use in a real relationship with your partner. 

Bedroom to-do list

If you are less likely to feel arousal and desire to have sex, it may be due to hormonal changes. To stabilize testosterone and estrogen levels, change your diet, reduce alcohol and cigarettes, carbonated drinks and sugar, and do sex improvement exercises (squats, plank, cycling, running, pigeon pose). Also, try to reduce your stress levels by yourself or by talking to a therapist. If your problem is only boredom, here’s how to diversify your sex life:

  1. Viewing pornography. As a rule, men watch porn alone, and it does not matter if they are currently in a relationship or not. Studies show that women prefer to watch hot videos with a partner, so here’s the first option – watch porn together. Pick a category that will interest both of you, or try learning something new. 
  2. Take a bath together. Use scented candles or essential oils that will help increase attraction: mandarin and grapefruit, bergamot and ylang-ylang, neroli, patchouli. And in addition, you can enjoy an erotic massage.
  3. Change of location. A change of scenery can be helpful, so try, for example, renting a double room at a hotel and ordering strawberries and champagne. You can even imagine this situation as a honeymoon. And if you’re not afraid to take risks, try sex in a public place: a car, a forest, a rooftop, even a fitting room.
  4. Sexting. The option is suitable for long-distance relationships or communication with webcam models. The feeling of expressing your desires, sending erotic photos, and receiving an answer to them can boost libido at times. 
  5. Toys. If you don’t know how to improve sex, buy a dildo or interactive vibrator. The partner selects the intensity and duration of the vibration using the app. Of course, you can use it for masturbation too.

Also in any store for adults, you can find erotic costumes for role-playing games – a short nurse’s robe, a schoolgirl skirt in a cage, handcuffs, and a police uniform. The main thing is not to be afraid to play. Come up with dialogues, add vulgar humor, and dirty talk. Don’t think about what it looks like. Just imagine what kind of orgasm awaits you at the end. 

How to improve your sex life – an option for non-shy people

There is also a rather original solution to the problem of boring sex – webcam chat. You can direct and write your own porn, or even sign up for the service as a couple. In this case, people will come into your room and pay money to watch you have fun and choose poses. Yes, this activity is not for everyone. However, if you have already tried all of the above, it is unlikely that the webcam will be able to confuse or surprise you with something.

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