5 Tips on How to Increase Customer Engagement

A good digital marketing strategy must contemplate a series of actions that generate customer participation. Whether to generate more visits, increase the number of followers or consolidate the purchase, the following questions must be taken into account.


In the first place, we must not forget the purely visual character that governs our society, that is, everything enters through the eyes. For this reason, the design is a crucial part of building the brand, it is the first encounter with the client and therefore it must be attractive and attractive. The brand image includes certain elements to be taken into accounts such as logo design services for its own identity and a defined aesthetic with a certain color palette that translates into the overall design of the website, social networks, and other graphic products. We can even include customers right now by taking advantage of digital preference survey tools. In this way, the client will feel part of the decisions by being able to comment on the logo, the colors, and even the typography that will be part of the final brand image. This option is equally usable for emerging businesses such as those already established in the market looking for a new image.


And speaking of surveys, these are an elementary and extremely useful tool to obtain greater participation from customers while we collect valuable information about their tastes, interests, opinions, and preferences. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the option of doing simple surveys to see what people think about what we want to know. They are even a practical way of making contact with the public and motivating them to actively participate in such publications. The advantage of doing surveys from these platforms is that they are a kind of flashy game for customers and a direct source of information for them. Responses to those surveys can be used to achieve a better marketing strategy that includes new proposals, modifies existing ones, and retains those that are effective. It also allows us to identify the audience, segment it, and even personalize the deal with them to achieve greater participation on their part.


When you know the public and their preferences, you can make personalized suggestions. The newsletters are the most widely used in providing products and services for different customer profiles tool. Thus, the customer is more likely to take an action when he sees something that interests him or is to his liking, whether it is opening the attached link, searching for related items, subscribing, and even making a purchase. The use of cookies is essential in various sites when it comes to recognizing people’s searches and interests. It is another way to collect information indirectly and filter ads with suggestions related to what people see browsing the internet or the history of purchases made.


Customer loyalty is not something new. It has long been used to motivate frequent customers to remain so or to buy more with the promise of benefits or rewards. Point cards, important discounts, contests, prizes, gifts, and a long etcetera. Those are the best-known forms of customer loyalty in the digital age, and there are, subscription premiums that give special benefits to its users paying a monthly or annual small fee. Loyalty must also contemplate good continuous care with these permanent clients in order to maintain them and keep them actively participating. Again, newsletters are useful for this, checking every so often their level of satisfaction with the product or service, prioritizing their interests and needs so that they feel part of the brand, achieving the desired engagement.


What we publish is just as important as the brand image and they practically go hand in hand in a marketing strategy. The content also serves to generate customer participation by providing interesting, novel, and quality information. Good content marketing differentiates one brand from the others, when combined with an attractive and interesting design will attract more attention and public participation.

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