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5 Tips How CBD Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy & Active


Greying hair, pain, forgetfulness, and wrinkles are a part of old age. Getting old is a part of life, but it presents unique health issues. If you think you will stay young forever, it’s just a misconception. While the medical field’s technological advances have extended people’s lifespan, it does not mean older adults have a pain-free life. Do you know that seniors account for around 12% of the total population worldwide? Hence, we need to take heed of their problems and help them live a quality life. How does CBD come into all this? CBD is getting popular among senior adults as it may help manage specific age-related issues for an active and healthy life.

Why Seniors Need Extra Care For Staying Healthy?

Scientists estimate the average life expectancy of humans around 70 years to 75 years. But, people worldwide have a longer life. For the first time, humans can live beyond seventy years due to the medical facilities. It has increased the population of seniors. The WHO estimates a rise in senior population by 22% by the next thirty years; while it is good news for your loved ones or yourself, it also presents some problems.



Aging refers to the biological process. It can result in molecular or cellular damage in the body. Hence, it leads to a slow decline in physical and mental health. It also puts seniors at risk of developing diseases. Such issues can trigger discomfort and pain. Incidentally, they seek medical assistance to deal with the problems. With medical aid, seniors can manage those problems. But, many feel the medication does not provide the effect they wish for without any side effects. In such cases, seniors look for something that can help them deal with the physical and emotional changes. CBD hybrid products from the store may help deal with such changes and help them stay healthy. It is one of the emerging options offering hope to many seniors. Let’s see how.

How Can CBD Assist Seniors In Staying Healthy And Active?



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a young age can help you have a high quality of life in old age. But, everyone is different. Unexpected health problems can derail your dreams of a healthy and active life at an older age. CBD products can offer relief from the common issues plaguing seniors.

  1. May Offer Pain Relief

CBD may relieve pain caused due to illnesses like arthritis. Seniors can use it as a pain management alternative for reducing inflammation and pain. You can use to get relief from the following:

  • Muscles and joint pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis


  1. May Boost Bone Health



Many seniors face bone fragility due to the receding calcium deposits in the body. According to a study, CBD use may strengthen the bones. It can also accelerate the healing of bone fractures. So, using CBD products can help the elderly avoid fractures developing due to simple falls. 

  1. May Manage Dementia And Alzheimer’s

As your loved ones become old, they suffer memory problems. While simple memory issues are common, many older adults suffer from neurodegenerative diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Several studies indicate the effectiveness of cannabinoids in their contribution to eliminating toxic protein resulting in Alzheimer’s. CBD may ease brain inflammation and may support the regeneration of damaged cells in the brain.

CBD could also help manage dementia by promoting the connection between the cells in your brain. People with dementia can use CBD to improve their outcomes. How?

  • It may reduce inflammation.
  • It can lower oxygen buildup.
  • May work as a brain stimulant and neuroprotectant

What happens when your loved one already has dementia? CBD may reduce stress and anxiety linked with this disease. It can also stimulate memory and other brain functions.

  1. Can Fight Glaucoma

Seniors lose their quality of life when they suffer from vision issues triggered due to conditions like glaucoma. This disease causes problems with the communication process between the brain and body due to damage of neurons. This results in intraocular pressure (IoP), causing increased pressure in the eye. In some people, the condition develops due to reduced blood supply to the optic nerve fiber.

Proper administration of CBD can offer relief from symptoms of glaucoma. CBD also possesses vaso-relaxant properties that may boost blood flow in ocular tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD provide potential relief from this condition.

  1. May Aid In Managing Insomnia And Sleep Issues



Have you heard older people complaining about sleep problems? The decline in growth hormone levels can lead to a decrease in deep sleep. Getting a night of good sleep is essential as the brain regenerates during the deep sleep phases. It frees the brain from toxic substances. Hence, to prevent age-related diseases, seniors need good sleep. Instead of taking prescription pills that may cause dependence, using CBD may offer good sleep. CBD can affect the ECS (Endocannabinoid system) that controls your sleep. CBD products can provide relaxation and help you sleep well without waking up at night.


CBD effectiveness is still under research. Though the product is in its infancy stage for use, many people swear by its efficacy in managing pain and inflammation. Older people who suffer from decreased quality of life due to underlying diseases can consult their doctor to know if they can use this holistic product for relief. Choose the best CBD products from a reputed source to ensure you get the money’s worth. With expert help, you can browse the right product for easing some of the age-related problems.


Irena Pavlović

Irena is a dentist, working extensively in her field as well as in the fields of fitness, nutrition and medicine. She has been educated about healthy lifestyles for years, helping others learn as much as possible. She seeks to help people adopt healthy habits as well as healthy and positive thinking about life. In her spare time, she hikes, runs, plays saxophone and guitar, and develops her own health page ( Her life motto is: When they expect a lot from you, you do even more.

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