5 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records are Better than Paper Records

It’s undeniable that electronic health records are the way of future. But many practices still rely on old-fashioned paper for their medical needs. The drawbacks cannot be ignored any longer and leadership in your organization has made a decision to switch over from this outdated method. Which can result into more problems than benefits. Because it is becoming increasingly difficult just justify using such inefficient means. When there exist newer technologies available such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records).

Why use an EHR Software when you can have more control over information security? To help make the case for going forward with one. Here’s five reasons why electronic health records are better than paper ones.

1. Grant Access Only to Authorized Users

Paper-based systems make it easier for an unauthorized person to access your patients’ medical records without permission. During the course of a busy day, employees might leave out files instead putting them back in their filing cabinet. Or misplace important information which could be worse than having no record at all.

An EHR Software is an invaluable tool for dentists who want to protect their patients’ privacy. With it, you can control precisely who has access and when – making sure that nobody gets too close without being noticed.

The electronic version of your medical records is more convenient than ever before. You can now share it with other concerned parties. Including sending an update report about the patient you sent over to see one of our specialists.

With fast and easy solution, you can send encrypted information to your patients without breaking any sweat. It’s all done electronically. So there are no courier costs or waiting around service delivery times.

2. Encryption Keeps Information Secure

The biggest advantage to electronic health records is that they’re easily encrypted. Making it extremely difficult for hackers or other parties who may want access the information within. This means you can protect your vital patient data. By ensuring only those with proper permissions have line of sight. Which also helps keep things more secure.

Paperless health care is the wave of today’s medical world. And electronic records make it possible to maintain confidentiality over paper-based information.

The U.S Health and Human Services Office announced that they had pinpointed Jackson Health Systems after losing 756 patient records. With protected health information or PHI between January 1, 2009 to March 31st 2021. Which resulted in them paying a $2 million fine. 

This is an example of how not all organizations are protecting their patients’ data properly. Especially those who utilize electronic medical records (EHRs). E-records offer more protection than traditional papers. Because there’s no way physical pieces can get lost like what happened here when these people misplaced their notes on paper pads.

3. Paper Records Subject to Tampering

The ease with which paper records can be altered is a serious security threat. For example, someone could remove papers from an official report or produce their own copy. That substitutes for the original information- leading them to believe it’s true when really nothing was changed.

The electronic health records are protected by encryption and strong login credentials. That make it much more difficult for someone to make unauthorized adjustments. This is one way you can maintain pristine charts with an EHR.

4. Audit Trails

Medical organizations can use EHR Software to create a paper audit trail by enabling users with an electronic stamp. This ensures that nobody except those who are supposed to have access will ever see it. And they’ll know when each person accessed the chart as well. Meaning there is no way for anyone else besides them accessing your information without being detected.

With an EHR Software, you can keep a close eye on who has been accessing your patients’ records by quickly determining. Whether they were authorized and what information was accessed. If someone somehow gets into the database without proper permissions or if there is malicious activity being undertaken from within its secure environment. Then this will be easy to detect with audit trails enabled through out all areas of care rendered under one roof.

When you have properly trained employees, they will know about these safety measures and this can be an incentive to mind their own business.

5. Data Backup after Disasters

Keeping your patients’ records secure entails much more than controlling access to confidential information. You also need an offsite backup in case of criminal trespass or vandalism. Natural disasters such as fire and flood which can potentially cause major damages for both the organization itself. But most importantly its clients’ data stored on site with them when these events happen unexpectedly without warning.

While hackers may be dwindled in numbers. They are still finding ways to break through security and steal valuable information. One such way has been by targeting patients’ private health records. Which can lead them down and dangerous path where their identity could potentially become compromised for life.

When your organization is hit by a ransomware attack. There’s no need to fear. Your IT department will wipe the system and update it with back up data so you can continue diagnosing patients while fighting off these hackers. Who want nothing more than money from innocent people – all in exchange for their own safety.

The switch to electronic health records will provide your organization with more safety and security for patients’ confidential data. An EHR Software also provides you many other benefits. Including increased staff efficiency which can lead towards reduced errors while helping the business become profitable again.

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