Consider renting a jumping house for your child’s birthday celebration. Go ahead. The jumping castle will make the party even more enjoyable for the youngsters. Kids can play a variety of entertaining games on the jumping castle in addition to leaping on its plush surface. The kinds of games youngsters can play on a jumping castle are unknown to many. For all those folks, we are offering ideas of 5 fun activities that will keep kids occupied with the jumping castle.

Freeze & Dance

Jumping castle dancing is so much fun.

This Dance and Freeze game has simple rules. A music player will need to be used by one of the parents. As the music plays, all the kids should start dancing in the bouncy castle. After playing music for a minute or two, pause it. When the music stops, all the children twirling about on the jumping castle should stop. Children who continue to dance after the music stops will lose the game and must leave the bounce house.

Egg and spoon contest

Every child’s favorite activity on the yearly sports day is the egg and spoon race. Children might also enjoy this fun game on the jumping castle. Make one leaping castle side the beginning point and the other the finishing point of the race. Children must complete the race while balancing an egg on a spoon. Any child whose egg falls off the spoon will not be considered. The youngster who finishes the race first will win.

Grab the Flag

This game outside is a lot of fun. The game will be a blast for kids to play on a jumping castle. You must all divide the children into two teams. Each team’s flag will be unique. Each team member visits the opposing team’s base to seize their flag and returns to their team’s base with it. The team that captures the most opponent flags will win the game.

Jump Race

Kids can participate in their all-time favorite tumble race on a leaping castle. Make a note of the starting place for the jumping castle. Ask every child to line up at the starting line. Then the game’s director should shout, “The race is about to begin!” Therefore, everyone should jump off the jumping castle and somersault.

When a child reaches the other side of the jumping castle, he or she touches the wall before somersaulting back to the starting line. The child who crosses the starting line first will win the game.


Both children and adults like playing volleyball. Playing volleyball in a jumping castle will be much more enjoyable since you may jump high into the air to send the ball over the net.


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