5 Factors That Can Ensure The Quality of Boxes Printing

Product packaging plays an important role if you want massive sales and popularity of your products. It is important to create a good design so your packaging can give a big impact on the customers. When the packaging is impressive it will enhance the customer experience and they can make quick purchase decisions. You can add a lot of value to your products by using quality printing techniques on the custom boxes. Cardboard and Kraft materials are a perfect choice as a lot of printing ideas can be used for them. There are no set rules for printing as there is a massive range of printing techniques available. Here are five factors that can ensure the quality of box printing:

High quality

There are many top printing methods available and you can choose the best one according to your requirement. Lithography is a popular printing method that is a good choice for the marketing of the brand. There are a lot of business cards, brochures, and sell sheets that need this printing technique. This printing method is also used for product packaging especially when descriptive information has to be printed on the box.

The folding cartons and label printing become easy when litho labels are used. Lithography printing has also become a popular choice for corrugated packaging. It offers top-quality printing and will not affect fluting. Custom packaging has come a long way as it can fit in all types of products easily. The best thing is that brand owners can make use of this printing style as it creates unique packaging. Your products will achieve a high-end look whenever they are placed in the retails store.

Interesting facts

Flexible packaging is getting a lot of popularity these days and the reason is obvious. It is made with eco-friendly materials and flexographic printing can be used at the top.
There are a lot of benefits that you can gain with this packaging and printing style. For all the  boxes printing has become one of the top choices. Most of the small brands like to use this technique as it is a cost-effective option. The cost of tools is also affordable and a lot of finishes can be used for the custom boxes. Cardboard material is sturdy and offers the best protection to all delicate items. There are various coats including lamination, aqueous coating, and gold/silver foiling. It will enhance the appeal of all the boxes. With Flexo printing packaging companies make use of water and oil-based inks giving plenty of options.

Choose the right printing technique

Many brands make use of custom packaging to enhance the value of their product. When the packaging is alluring buyers will think that the quality of the product is also high. However, choosing the right printing technique is also very important. Digital printing is one of the most versatile printing methods for many packaging solutions. It comes packed with countless applications that can brands can choose from. This printing method is used for making top-quality labels and corrugated boxes. The folding cartons and cardboard boxes can be printed with useful information about the products. When the ingredients, expiry, and production of the product are mentioned your customers will be happy. They will read all these details at the top of the box and make quick purchases. Additionally, digital printing offers a lot of versatility and the fastest turnaround. This technique has helped brands unleash their creativity for innovative packaging.

Coating options

Brands can choose custom wholesale boxes as they are available in different shapes and sizes. It is easy to customize them according to the specifications of the product. Various coating options can be used to enhance the visual appeal of the box. If you have a high quantity of boxes make use of rotogravure printing. It is one of the most popular printing ideas that can be used for most packaging solutions.

The print quality is clear and very effective. If you want to print quality images and graphics on the cardboard boxes this is the best option. This printing doesn’t take much time and effort as quality machines can do the work. If you want to add die cuts or windows at the top of the box this technique will make it look easy. Rotogravure printing is also useful for printing continuous tones and images at a high volume.

Sharp finish

Brands can present their story to the customers in the most innovative style. The custom boxes you choose will become your brand ambassador if they are attractive and alluring. Silkscreen printing is a common choice for customized packaging. It offers a clean and sharp finish that adds a lot of creativity to the boxes. If you want images and text for printing the name and phone number of the company this technique will do it all. The silkscreen printing is most suitable for corrugated and plastic packaging. It is also suitable for different types of fabrics.

Many famous brands are using it for prototypes, labels, and corrugated boxes. If you have a clothing brand this printing technique will help you market your brand innovatively. The promotional materials for t-shirts and mugs can be presented with a lot of sophistication. Most of the small and big brands can handle the cost as it is an affordable choice for them.
How many printing techniques are available for packaging?
Digital, offset, silkscreen and Flexo printing can be used for the packaging. It is easy to make use of these techniques for all types of packaging. Brands can promote themselves and differentiate themselves from others with the help of various finishes and coating. The use of UV, matte, and gloss can also make their packaging classy.

Why is printing important for packaging?

Nowadays brands like customized packaging as a lot of printing techniques can be used on them. They can conveniently convey their brand’s story and get their logo embossed. It will enhance your sales and give a professional touch to all the products. If you want to make your brand more prominent make sure you pay attention to your printing techniques. There are plenty of printing methods available and you can choose the one you find the most suitable.

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