5 Different Ways Of Reusing Paper Gift Bags

Everyone gets attracted by creativity. When someone gives you a gift, all you see at the first glance is the outer packing. Whether you receive a gift in paper gift bags or wrapped in paper, you get excited about the way your gift looks. Especially for children, a paper gift bag holds quite important because only the idea of receiving a gift wrapped in paper makes them happy. Talking about the paper gift bags that are used for professionals’ sales or encouraging their employees also carries great significance. Of course, there can be no excitement seen in the adults but they too appreciate the fact of receiving something in a sophisticated gift bag. The simple gesture seems so fulfilling that everyone gets swayed away by it, spiritually as well as materialistically. But have you ever thought about what can be done with these bags after they have fulfilled their purpose as a gift bag? In this article, we will tell you about different ways of reusing paper gift bags and benefiting the environment at the same time.

Wrapping Paper

The best way to reuse paper gift bags is by wrapping them up around a gift. In order to do this cut the bag in a way that it forms a full circle around the gift and tape it down wherever needed. In case you find the wrapping paper too simple, try decorating it with some stickers and pictures.

Shopping Bags

Paper gift bags with handles can be reused in the best possible way as a shopping bag. Whether you have to buy groceries, clothes or whatnot, you can use these bags for carrying all your stuff. This way you will not have to pay extra at the store for buying a carry bag. Moreover, by using paper gift bags you can cut down the usage of plastic bags and help the environment breathe. Most of the paper bags are made of sturdy material that allows carrying a good amount of stuff without ditching you. Therefore consider them as your new shopping bag option without worrying about the durability and resistance.

Book Covers

Have you ever wondered what makes a good scrapbook? The outer cover is what makes your scarp book look amazing. Talking about the paper gift bags, you can use them as a book cover and repurpose them in the best possible way. If not as a cover then make pages out of the paper bag as scrapbooks are all about creativity and fun prints.

Wall Décor

Wall decor is one of the best ways to reuse your old paper gift bags. They are an innovative way of decorating your walls and attaining exuberant designs out of them. All you need to do is first plan and then execute the whole idea.

DIY Seedling Pots

Lastly, paper gift bags can be easily used as seed starting cups. With the expert origami idea, you can easily turn a simple gift paper into a seedling pot and create a planter out of it. So the next time you wish to give your tiny plants a temporary home, start trying your hands in seedling pots with appear bags.

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