5 Businesses That Got A Huge Boost In Sales Due To COVID-19 Crises

There are several businesses that took a big hit due to COVID-19. The global economy is facing a tough time and this is can last for much longer. It will take around 2-3 years for the global economy to recover to previous highs. As the recession has hit the world with a storm, there are some people who are gaining profit from it. This is what most business mind people will do in any situation. Utilize the need of your customer and provide a solution. 

The world is going through a tough time as most 3rd world countries are facing a rise in unemployment or a cut in salary. This is the perfect time to find a problem around you and its solution should be your business idea. We will discuss some of the top businesses that took a big boost due to this COVID-19 situation. 

The portable food industry is on the rise as portables foods like beef bone broth, canned tuna, and canned vegetables are getting more popular. The reason why people are preferring to consume such foods is that they don’t want to go out much and store food that has a longer shelf life. If you can think of something similar then do give it a try. 


Now, some of the other businesses that got a huge boost are also related to the problem that I have mentioned above. People not going out and they want everything on their doorstep. Even if they are willing to go out then they will prefer a place that is following the safety precautions. So, let’s dig deep into them. 




The life of this virus is around 3-4 days on different surfaces. This is what made disinfectants really popular. People are using them to disinfect their clothes, doorknobs, and stair railings. Stores and malls are using disinfectant walkthroughs. This is the current use of disinfectants that people didn’t even care about before COVID-19. After the use of it, the boost this business got was unprecedented. 




The use of headgear was previously used for people who had to do heavy machinery work. Now, things have changed as doctors require these headgears to have that additional layer to stay safe from COVID-19. Apart from them, some big restaurants are also using these headgears. Businesses that are related to protective gear will continue to rise unless this problem has been neutralized. 




Most delivery services are gaining popularity as people are hesitating to go out and want their grocery and other household things at their doorsteps. Most restaurants and stores are now offering delivery services and this has given a good boost to their sales as compared to those who are not offering it. Some online apps that were offering delivery services are also high in profits. 




Foods that are portable and easy to consume are also in demand. As people want to store foods that have a longer shelf life. This is why most powdered food businesses are on the rise. People want to have enough nutrients in their diet so they prefer to consume foods that have a better shelf life and also good for their health. Hydrolyzed collagen powder, bone broth powder, and canned foods fall into this category. 




Another protective gear that is really in need is masks and gloves. These gears also help in keeping you safe from any unwanted exposure to the virus. It has been recommended by W.H.O that people should use masks and protective care to have that extra layer of security.


These are some of the businesses that have been profitable in the current situation. The real question will be that when all the current situation starts recovering will these businesses be sustainable? Well, the answer is yes. Whenever the world faces a pandemic they learn from it and adopt new things. The same thing will happen this time as well. People will start taking more precautions to stay safe and will also work on their hygiene. These businesses are sustainable although it’s peak might come down. If you are a business person then you will find new ways to boost anything that you do. 

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