4 Ways to Transform an Empty Room Into a Warehouse With Inspiring Industrial Style

Are you a business owner who is looking for a place that you can use as storage of raw materials, spare parts, components, or finished goods? If so, you are probably having a hard time finding the one that is within your budget because of the increasing land value. Look no further because you can easily transform your empty room at home into a warehouse with an inspiring industrial style. 

Come to think of it, designing an empty room into a functional area can save you a lot of money as compared to renting a commercial space. You just have to design it in such a way that maximizes the available space. Additionally, the design should ensure that your team can work efficiently at all times and the flow of the inventory is as smooth as possible. You must also consider accessibility as it can affect the overall productivity of our employees. Besides that, you should take into account the visual appeal of the place. To achieve all of these, make sure to use industrial interior design. 

Let’s define first what Industrial Interior design is!

Industrial interior design has growing popularity nowadays in the business industry. It is usually used in loft apartments, modern houses, and commercial establishments around the world. It is all about the addition of raw, unfinished look and unique decors with both function and style. You must also utilize neutral tones, wood and metal materials, unique decors, and utilitarian objects. 

Industrial interior design is so much more than creating an intimidating urban loft. It is warm and welcoming because it combines rustic, modern, and contemporary designs. It is a perfect interior to use when creating a warehouse.

Ways to transform an empty room into an industrial-inspired warehouse

  • Purchase dark, worn furniture pieces and unique decors

The unique decors to use for the industrial design includes dark and worn furniture pieces. Instead of using the typical office chairs with wheels and modern center tables, it is recommended to display those with worn paint or distressed surfaces because that is what industrial design is all about. The color palette of the furniture pieces and unique decors that you will purchase must lean towards warmth. It is advisable to buy couches made from leather materials, tables out of heavy wood and iron materials, and unique decors with vintage designs. Also consider purchasing industrial bar tools, antique light fixtures, and factory-style drawers and cabinets for ultimate elegance and functionality.

  • Use rough texture

For industrial interior design, it requires the use of rough texture, unlike minimalist and Scandinavian that use soft and warm textures through the use of wool and linen materials. You can create a rough texture in your empty room at home when you use furniture pieces and unique decors made from wood and metal materials. Besides that, make sure to use harsh concrete, exposed brick, and antique or vintage rugs to add a touch of softness. 

  • Expose the pipes and ducts

One of the trademarks of industrial interior design is its exposed pipes and ducts. It requires you to highlight the innate parts of warehouses and construction spaces instead of hiding them. You can say that you have achieved a warehouse with industrial interiors if it is full of visible pipes, beams, bare walls, concrete floors, and rough ceilings. You may add unique decors to improve the look of the place. It will also save you a huge amount of money because you no longer have to undergo major construction. 

  • Install a few offices and facilities

If there is an abundant space available for use, you may install a few offices and facilities that your employees can freely use. It can be in the form of restrooms, dining areas, and reception areas. They are meant to improve the quality of your team’s life and increase their productivity. Make sure to place the restrooms in convenient spots while offices and dining areas must be installed away from noisy machines and equipment.

In Conclusion

As you might have realized, industrial interior design is perfect to use if you are constructing the warehouse of your dreams. The list above is some of the few ways to achieve an industrial-looking facility. For more decoration tips, make sure to visit the Yorkshire Fabric Shop! 

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