3 Ways Industrial Switch PoE Can Help Your Business


Introduction to PoE

If your business is in the market for a new industrial Ethernet switch, you may be wondering if Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the right choice for your needs. PoE can offer a number of advantages for businesses, including easier installation and reduced cabling costs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at PoE and how it can benefit your business.


What is Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows networked devices to receive power through their Ethernet cables. This eliminates the need for separate power cables and makes installation of PoE-enabled devices much easier. In addition, because PoE-enabled devices can be powered through existing Ethernet infrastructure, there are often significant cost savings associated with using PoE.


How Does PoE Work?

PoE technology uses what is known as an injector or midspan to deliver power to devices over standard Ethernet cabling. The injector is inserted between the power source and the network device, and it delivers power to the device via the Ethernet cable. There are two main types of PoE injectors: endspan and midspan. Endspan injectors are built into switches and hubs, while midspan injectors are standalone devices that can be used with any type of network equipment.


What Are the Benefits of Using PoE?


PoE can help your business in a number of ways, including:


  1. Cost savings – PoE can help you save on energy costs by reducing the need for special cabling or extra power supplies.


  1. Increased productivity – PoE can help you increase productivity by allowing you to power devices such as IP phones and wireless access points directly from the switch, eliminating the need for dedicated power outlets.


  1. Simplified infrastructure – PoE can help simplify your infrastructure by eliminating the need for separate data and power cabling.


  1. Reduced downtime – PoE can help reduce downtime by providing backup power to devices in the event of a power outage.


Types of PoE


There are three types of Power over Ethernet:


  1. Passive PoE: This type of Power over Ethernet only provides power to devices, and does not support data communication. Passive PoE is typically used for devices that require a lot of power, such as Access Points or IP cameras.


  1. Active PoE: Active PoE supports both power and data communication. This type of Power over Ethernet is typically used for devices that don’t require a lot of power, such as VoIP phones or laptops.


  1. High Power PoE: High-Power PoE (HPoE) supports both power and data communication, and can provide up to 30 watts of power per port. HPoE is typically used for devices that require a lot of power, such as video conferencing systems or desktop computers.




If you’re looking for a way to improve your business, industrial Switch PoE may be the answer. This technology can help you save money and increase efficiency in a number of ways, from reducing downtime to improving data security. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider investing in industrial Switch PoE today.

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