3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Get Back in Shape for the New Year

3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Get Back in Shape for the New Year

Apps can drive how we conduct our business and personal life. They can help you with the ups and downs, and simplify challenges. In today’s rapidly evolving world, there are apps for just about anything. You can have your groceries delivered, hire a maid, groom your dog, and even repair your iphone. While service apps may bring you a lot of joy, there are some pretty great apps out there that will help you after the holidays in getting your health back on track. 

You may have had bags of candy for Halloween, a week’s worth of Thanksgiving dinners, and in a few weeks nonstop Christmas cookies and festive treats. Enjoying the food of the holiday season is completely fine! But if you are looking to get back into shape after indulging, here are 3 tech-savvy ways for you to bounce back for the New Year! 

Take Advantage of Your Smartphone

With gyms closing down again, finding the motivation to work out from home can be difficult.  But if you own a smartphone (tablet, or smartwatch), you actually have access to hundreds of tools that will help you get back in shape. Once you’ve had your morning coffee, it’s time to hit the gym(or the backyard), and get your exercise on. 

Many of the apps available are free and customizable to what you want to focus on. 

Home Workout- No Equipment:

4.9 Star Rating 

This app provides you with daily workout routines that can all be done at home. Through warmups, stretching, and workouts, you will focus on your abs, chest, legs, and arms throughout the week. The best part is that each workout only takes a few minutes to complete and does not require any equipment. 

Workout for Women: Fitness App 

4.8 Star Rating 

Workout for Women is claimed to be the #1 rated free workout app for female fitness, and the #1 Health and Fitness App of 2020. 

This app promises effective workouts that are beginner-friendly and scientifically proven to show results. It replicates having a personal trainer at home with its voice and video instructions. Each workout can be customized to fit you best. 

HIIT Workouts and Timer by 7M

4.8 Star Rating 

If you are looking for high-intensity workouts, this may be the app for you. Rather than doing extensive cardio workouts, this app focuses on shorter workouts that will surely get your blood pumping. 

None of these apps require equipment or much of your time. But if you are still not convinced to download them, you can always use the apps already featured on your phone to help you accomplish your fitness goals. 

The Health App is great because it keeps track of data from all of your fitness apps, so you can monitor your progress collectively. But without having to download other fitness apps, it automatically keeps track of your steps, walking, and running distances. 

The Health App paired with your timer makes for a great fitness tool. Time how long it takes you to complete a mile, set alarms throughout the day indicating when it is time for your workout, or set a timer to ensure that you get a 30-minute workout in. 

If you need someone to hold you accountable, you can always use FaceTime to workout with a friend or trainer from a safe distance. 

FIFA Games

Play a Game 

Many times, the worst part about a workout is the fact that it feels like a workout, but with so many fitness games on the market, it no longer has to feel that way. 

Ring Fit Adventure

Made for the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure is an interactive exercise game designed to get you moving. Each game comes with a weighted fitness ring and resistance bands to assist you with burning fat and building muscle, all while having fun. 

Beat Saber

Playing this VR game will surely help you build upper body strength. The premise of Beat Saber is to use your sabers (hand controls) to slice a set of blocks moving in your direction. Sounds simple, but the key is to slice each block in the direction you are told to (Up, Down, Left, Right) by its indicated arrows. What is so fun about this game is that it features a music catalog with many hits from today and years past. 

Just Dance (or any dancing game, really): 

Each year, Just Dance releases a new game with the year’s most popular songs and dance moves. With a dance instructor right on your screen, it is easy to dance your way through a full-body workout. 

Add Tech to Your Diet

If you are not really into working out but still want to become a healthier you, incorporating smart devices into your day-to-day diet can help. 


For many people, drinking more water is a resolution that is often neglected sometime throughout the year (speaking from personal experience). With advanced technology, our water bottles are now able to hold us accountable and help accomplish the goal.

HidrateSpark water bottles track your water intake and light up throughout the day to remind you to drink more water. All you have to do is download the free Hidrate App and connect the bottle to your Bluetooth device. 

RenPho Smart Food Scale

Sometimes watching what you eat, or how much you eat is difficult and stressful. The RenPho nourish scale does all the work for you. Its Gennec app is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you place food on the scale, you can monitor your intake, calculate calories, and document nutritional value. 

With the current times, all sorts of aspects of our life have evolved. Apps are pushing us to maximum efficiency, providing jobs on newly formed ‘gig economies’, and finding new and unique ways to make money, like selling your tech, and even helping with our healthy habits. Working out and training has transformed and been redefined, especially because of the technology we have available in our back pockets and right at home. 

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