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20 Digital Marketing Tools you wouldn’t want to miss in 2020


Every Social Media Marketing Professional has a few tools they use to make things easy for them. As a marketing manager needs to be really efficient and informed to extract the greatest benefits because this in a way helps you drive traffic to your site.

You need to engage with your audience in creative ways. Here is a list of the most useful tools that will help you ease things out. So, let’s dive in.

  1. Content Studio | Curate Trending Content

content studio

  • Content has become a pivotal asset for e-commerce websites today – and Content Studio knows. This platform supplies attractive content in the form of blog articles, videos, images, GIFs, and quotes for any form of industry.
  • The platform allows you to discover topics in your niche with custom search terms that helps narrow down your research.
  • The most used feature of this tool is content curation that helps marketers save time and generate sales.
  • The Composer tool allows for the creation of content with the help of an SEO toolbox and hashtag suggestions.
  • You can set up month-long campaigns and engage your audience without human intervention to save on work hours.
  • Content Studio has a bunch of handy integrations like WordPress, Medium, and – which makes content writing easier.
  • The greatest advantage of this tool is that it encourages you to watch out for your rivals. You get a thought regarding the action of your associates.
  1. HootSuite | Target the Right People at the Right Time


  • HootSuite helps schedule posts at specific times when the targeted viewership would be most active on the social media platform.
  • It keeps track of statistics and ROI, presenting them for a better understanding of how your content is performing, and if you could get better reception posting at a different time.
  • It allows you to store content that has been pre-approved on the cloud so your team can post it.
  • Social conversations are found with ease using keywords, hashtags, and your location.
  • It allows us to keep in touch with current affairs by letting us know of topics that matter.


3.   Buffer | Media Accounts Manager


  • Buffer is a convenient tool to schedule posts on various social media platforms (like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn) and track their performance. This one-stop solution allows you to manage all your accounts in one place.
  • As a tangible example, you can create content for Instagram on your desktop without having to use the phone at all.
  • Browser Extensions, Android, and iOS apps are available for easy access.
  • The performance of published posts is presented in an ingestible format – so analytics is well covered.
  • With Buffer, uploading GIFs & videos becomes much simpler, while also adding more variety to your posts.

4. Replug | URL-Shortener/Vanity URL


  • Replug is the emerging URL shortener that you will love for a lot of the new features.
  • This tool is of great help when it comes to boosting conversion from social media and especially Instagram marketing
  • The tool provides you with the analytics and lets you evaluate the performance of each link as people engage with it
  • Vanity URLs are capable of tracking a visitor’s actions. This is very handy when the performance of your ads needs to be determined. While highly intelligent in data gathering, social media sites provide little to zero information when the ad is pressed. You can do this simply by building a custom URL that is sent to the user through the ad.

5. MeetEdgar | Repost

  • This handy tool intelligently recycles old content at times when creating new content becomes difficult. The beauty of it is that your content queue will never appear empty again, and older content is used more widely. You can also find helpful information from other sources to post to your social accounts.
  • MeetEdgar claims that the tool is so easy to use and that most users will be able to get it working within an hour. Especially if the users’ website has a lot of content. · It helps you repost items or engage with others by sharing their content.
  • In case you already have a social scheduler, MeetEdgar claims that the tool is highly compatible – which means the implementation of the new tool won’t create any disturbances. The user interface is quite interactive – we’ve tested it!
  • MeetEdgar is currently functional on the 3 major business platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Edgar seamlessly works with and to shorten links. The browser extension provides easy access.
  • It saves you from posting monotonous content when you’re out of ideas or out on a vacation.


6. QuillEngage | Analytics on your posts

  • QuillEngage is used for automatic google analytics report.
  • Google Analytics has a lot of data to absorb. This tool gives you a simple overview to skim through that data.
  • It’s a free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and emails you an overview every week.
  • It tells you about the performance of your site, your posts, and also about the traffic inflow and outflow.

7. ProofHub | the one place for all your marketing projects, teams and communications

  • Marketing teams have one or the other campaign going on all the time. There are content calendars to take care of too. Not to forget, teams also have to take care of the creatives and whatever goes out to the internet. Here’s how ProofHub can help:
  • Simplifying workflows becomes easier with an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software.
  • You get Kanban boards to set customized workflows for your campaigns and task
  • You can assign tasks to the teams with deadlines so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and when.
  • Teams could also use the proofing tool to make feedback on designs clearer with annotation and threaded comments.
  • They can also have one-on-one or group chats – all in one place.
  • ProofHub replaces the need for multiple tools to plan work, communicate with team members, schedule on calendars, and track progress. So, it saves teams both the need to invest in several tools and also the time it takes to juggle so many of them.

8. IFTTT | Sequence Your Tasks

  • IFTTT, an acronym that stands for “If This Then That”, automates tasks that we do in a sequence.
  • It eases the process for us. So instead of having multiple steps to complete the same task, we can finish it by executing a single sequence.
  • It gives you the option of having your phone switch on WIFI as you enter a particular location so it connects to your WIFI instantly, or it can note the price of bitcoin every day in a spreadsheet, the possibilities are endless.
  • It helps connect various social media platforms to set up different tasks. For example, you can set it up to send a tweet every time you make a new Instagram post.
  • The good news is that it’s free.


9. Tagboard | Word Traction

  • If creative content generation leaves you confused, this is the tool to pocket.
  • Tagboard is a social listing tool. It shows how the word you enter has been discussed in the social sphere.
  • At a larger scale, you can monitor brands and product mentions and on a smaller scale, it exposes you to trending varied content.
  • Register your custom hashtag on Tagboard and have a proper description below it to claim that hashtag. If any customer searches your hashtag, your description and image will pop up.

10. Chanty | Team Chat

  • Chanty is a secure AI-powered way of communicating, connecting, and collaborating with your business team.
  • Great Team Chat for Organizing your work and relaxing by side.
  • Chanty brings some great features like Importing your work team. Import functionality helps you to move your messaging history and other team information directly to Chanty from a third-party messenger.
  • Code snippets: Another useful feature while talking IT. A fast and convenient way to share code blocks with your product team, while not having your colleagues to close the chatbox.
  • Chanty offers Push Notifications, theme options, and much more!


11. Triberr | Amplify your content

  • Triberr is a content marketing platform aimed to amplify your content.
  • Triberr helps you to share your social media with your blog, your family, and your followers.
  • Promote every post by explicitly supporting it to other tribes and to specific tribes.
  • Immediate ROI for your content and monitor deep analytics.
  • Timeline the posts automatically to be shared with different social networks at once.

12. Venngage | Create Infographics

  • Facts state the social media accounts with most engagement use infographics. Venngage helps you create detailed infographics in simple steps having 100+ templates to choose from.
  • You can easily present complex data through creative Infographics.

Venngage provides you with Presentations, brochures, social media posts, Ebooks, resumes, mind maps, Business plans, road maps, cards, graphs, flyers, banners, and much more!

13. Beatrix | Select Your Content-Base

  • Beatrix is an assistant to your content curation.
  • Marketers today want to quickly curate and schedule relevant content for their audience.
  • It accepts custom RSS feeds and suggests content it finds throughout the web-based on the chosen keywords. The recommendations here are newsworthy.
  • It also has the ability to blacklist domains you don’t want to publish content from.
  • It isn’t a free tool but is a total value for money.

14. Bitly | URL Shortener

  • If you are someone who posts URL online, you will love this.
  • Bitly– publicly known as the Link Management Platform, helps you shorten your URL to fit well in your social media handles.
  • You can even track results with the link analytics and optimize your marketing based on the insights you collect.

15. Oktopost | For B2B Companies

  • Oktopost is the most effective social media management tool which is designed for B2B companies.
  • It helps you schedule your content and curates content to share on your social media handle.
  • It tells you about the conversions that came from a social link. You can see exactly which social media post-converted a specific lead. It gives you details that Google Analytics cannot give you.
  • You can add any number of people to broadcast your message.
  • You can lead nurture and lead score your prospects better with their deep integration with Marketing Automation and CRM tools.

16. Social Pilot | Social media Manager

  • SocialPilot is a Simple & Cost-Effective Social Media Management Tool for Small Teams and Agencies that help them to strengthen their brand presence across all major social media platforms.
  • It assists you in creating, plan, schedule quickly, and publish posts. With SocialPilot, you can publish content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business, Vk, and Tumblr. It is popular among small businesses because of its cost-effectiveness, intuitive UI, and exceptional customer support.
  • SocialPilot can help you get started with Social Media Management in a jiffy and give you access to the following:
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Content Curation
  • Bulk Scheduling (with Image)
  • Social Media Analytics
  • RSS Feeds Automation
  • Client Management (Best For Agencies)

17. Mention | See where you stand

  • We all want to know where we stand online. This tool helps you do just that.
  • Mention helps you see when and where you are mentioned in real-time.
  • It is connected to all your social media accounts, so you can monitor your reputation and respond appropriately.

18. KingSumo | Attractive Headlines

  • A blog depends on its headline to attract people to read it.
  • KingSumo helps you A/B test headlines to see which works best and gets more traffic.
  • It is a headline testing plugin for Wordpress where you can add headlines anywhere between 2-10.
  • After you publish the article, this tool schedules and rotates the headline and sets the final headline like the one that performs the best.
  • Everything is done by itself once set.
  • If you want to attract new readers to your blog, this tool is a must-have.

19. BuzzSumo | Engagement Monitor

  • BuzzSumo lets you analyze an article on the internet to see how much attention it garnered and what sort of response it gained from which platform.
  • It checks engagement on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • It also checks the number of likes and shares. The statistics it presents offer an insight into where our product can improve by taking a look at which articles performed well and on which platform.

20. Socedo | Get the Right Leads

  • Socedo helps you build a relationship with prospective customers.
  • You can target the right people with minimum effort.
  • You need to create a template that describes the type of people you want to follow and engage with, and Socedo identifies them using keywords and other information.
  • Once they have been identified, the tool favorites the person’s tweet, and then later follows the user. It’s also possible to set up automatic direct messages when your prospect follows you back.
  • This helps you get on the radar of your target customers and gets you off the sales mark.

These are the tools I believe you must-have for your marketing. If I missed out on your favorite tool, let me know in the comments section below!


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