10 Tips to Pass your CCNA Certification Exam

Are you preparing for the CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA Security certification test? We requested Cisco trainers and experts from the industry to share their thoughts on the exam they took to pass. These are the top 10 suggestions to aid you in passing your CCNA Certification test.

Get to Know Your Exam


It may sound a bit simple. The first step to success starts with being aware of your obstacles. Cisco’s website can help you locate the most basic information regarding exam topics for the Cisco CCNA Certification test. The site also provides links to helpful information, like the official training provider exams, topics for the exam, test prep, and study materials.

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The Cisco CCNA Official Cert Guide contains essential information, including an explanation of certification and the exam’s prerequisites, such as the requirements, how many and the types of questions you’re about to take, the length of the exam, and the mark for passing.

It also contains specific information about the subjects covered during the test, as well as the number of questions devoted to each topic. This is extremely helpful, particularly when preparing your study program.

Create Your Own Custom Study Plan


If you don’t plan your study correctly, your chances of success are reduced. A study plan suited to your individual needs is crucial, and even an essential to-do list can aid significantly. As we mentioned earlier, the certification guide provides a general study-hours guideline. However, it is rather broad. When creating your personalized study plan, be aware of the following factors:

What is the earliest date you’d like to take the exam?


Register an account through Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE website to find the time and location that will work for you.

How much time do you have to spend on your studies?


If you’re already working or have other obligations, ensure that you devote enough time to the basics, like learning about all exam topics, taking practice tests, and studying exam simulations.

How much money can you afford to pay for preparation materials and classes for training?

Find official, certified study materials and courses to ensure that you are fully aware of the various topics covered in the test. An excellent option is to purchase the official study guide and study it in the early stages. This will provide the foundation for learning and enhancing your knowledge with the methods of instruction you select.

Which training method is best suited to you?


Many prefer to learn independently, and others might think there’s no substitute for classroom instruction. Some students find that online education aids them in their studies on the go at any moment. Use your learning experience to determine the best method to help you prepare for your exam in the best way possible.

How familiar are you with the subjects of your exam?


Even experienced professionals who have a good understanding of the topic of the certification may have trouble taking the Cisco CCNA test. Your own experience could make it easier for you to study. However, you must be aware of the exam’s length and the logic behind the questions. Don’t rely too heavily on your personal experience.

Get Involved In an Exam Prep Course


Deciding to utilize a study-only method may appear to be an unorthodox choice. However, it’s not the most effective method. It is crucial to realize that how to pass the exam requires a deep knowledge of many different topics, even for entry-level certifications. The terms and concepts used to define the various CCNA subjects may differ, dependent on the viewpoint of the certification organization responsible for the development of the test. In the real world, even if you already have some experience, certain aspects could not be relevant. Because the certification body’s view could be very different from the work. So that experts are traine to perform in their field.

A training course for certification lets students spend time with an experienced instructor with real-world knowledge of how to get the best marks on the exam. This is a fantastic chance to get all your questions answere, share your experiences and strategies. And engage in networking, especially in-person training. This will result in a higher chance of success on any certification test.

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