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Fonts not to use in Logo design

Whether you’re writing a new blog post, working on a new company logo, or preparing your brand’s branding guide, there are a few unspoken but firm rules about fonts to keep in mind.

What does a logo design services provider say about these fonts?

According to Visual Design Inc. – the best logo design company in USA: some fonts have frequently been used up and can no longer be used for your logo. And with a selection from an almost infinite number of fonts, you are sure to find something better for your company.

This custom logo design company has mentioned ten fonts that you should ignore using them in the logo from now:

1. Comic Sans

Comic sans     

This font is so well known for being used too often and cannot be taken seriously that it feels like a joke every time. Even if you’re targeting children, there are better, legible fonts that look a little playful and don’t force anyone to stop taking you seriously.

2. papyrus


A font that is now “very old”, as befits its name: Papyrus was developed in the 80s and used for everything. Today the font has no effect anymore – except to remind you of the good old days of computers.

Today, we must say goodbye to papyrus – this font definitely doesn’t belong in a logo.

3. Arial


This font was introduced with Windows 3.1 and has long been the standard. Today, it maybe a legible font in documents, but certainly not for your logo or your publications. A reputed logo design agency in the USA never design a logo using this font. Say goodbye to Arial!

4. Times New Roman

times new roman

This font was developed in 1929 for the British Times. After that, it was used again and again as the default in many computer programs and as a serif font. However, it is not easy to read in logos and would only say about your company that you are already aware of and won’t work well.

5. Courier New

Courier New

Courier New is used to write theater or film scripts and to display program code – in all other cases, specifically a logo design company always avoid using this font in logo designs. Even if it looks like a typewriter font, even those were livelier and had more personality than Courier New.

6. Kristen ITC


This font is the go-to for anyone who knows that Comic Sans is out of the question – but nothing more than that. Because Kristen ITC really doesn’t belong on any sign anymore; professional designing companies already know this.

Even when addressing children, Kristen should be avoided. Because no logo or sign with this font looks like you wrote it yourself, but always looks like you stole it from a 90s kindergarten.

7. Vivaldi

The idea is certainly exciting and the implementation looks nice at first glance: Vivaldi is a handwritten font (script font) that does not claim to be easy to read.

Vivaldi is not just as difficult to read as most manuscripts but rather confuses the eye – especially in capital letters. Even those who dare to dig into the details and try to compensate for the uneven spaces between the letters in this font usually cannot fix anything.

Stay away from Vivaldi on business cards, invitation cards and more – there are more beautiful (hand) lettering!

8. Helvetica


Helvetica was once a font that generated a lot of enthusiasm. It was discovered and used by some of the largest companies in the world in the 1950s.

And that’s the main reason why you should avoid them. Because the use of this font by such large companies simply stands in the way of your branding.

If you use Helvetica, you can hardly avoid looking like a copy. Treat yourself and your company more!

9. Impact


It is also a good font which unfortunately has passed its good times since long. Impact used to be special and interesting – today, the design just looks boring and a uniform gray.

This is not the right choice for every company that wants to stand out from the competition. And even bookkeepers and tax consultants, who can appear “uniform and gray” from the outside, should place more value on their brand and show their special competence and energy.

10. Viner hand

Another font that has simply been seen hundreds of times today. It looks nice and looks more like a “real” handwriting, but that’s about it.

Today the font has been used so often – especially to appeal to young people – that the target group turns away bored.

There are a few ways to stand out from the crowd with a logo and a clear marketing strategy – this font isn’t one of them.

Your brand makes an impression – with a fresh font

Logos or Marketing: The typeface you choose will say a lot about your brand. And even if many people or companies do not think long about the decisions about the “right” font, you should not belong to this group and harm your company unnecessarily. A professional logo designer can help you create a perfect brand identity.

The font you choose should not be used too often – you don’t want to copy your “colleagues” or competitors, especially in your industry. It shouldn’t be too experimental either, because the style of your font should match the style of your industry.

And, if you don’t want to cope with this task alone, don’t worry, we are happy to be there for you as a contact!


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